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Starfighter Essay, NEW FACTS.

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 7, 2012, 4:52 PM

Note: All of this is taken from a recent interview with hamlet_Machine. This is pretty new material (under a week old) unless you are active on LiveJournal.


"Starfighter takes place in a fictional future where humans have advanced far enough in technology that they can travel space easier and colonize other planets.. Earth is doing pretty well! The people there have the resources to a better education and genetic altercation, which is mainly where the navigators come from. The fighters, in general, don't have as sweet a life and aren't as valuable. So while the navigators are the smarter, they aren't the survivalists that the fighters are. They work best as a team, where they can compensate for each other. And the rest just has to be revealed in the comic! I'm sorry for the wait, but it's really going to be better this way! I hope that helps to explain a little bit!" ~HamletMachine

"Many of the navigators are from Earth, where genetic alteration is very common, so they are prone to similar, "desirable" looks." ~HamletMachine (when asked about all the Navigators white hair)

I find this pretty interesting how what was hinted at with the Navigators being a higher economic class goes even deeper, with Navigators and Fighters being different from birth and not able to change what they were born with. I like the twist that the Earth people seem to have better quality people in relation to the ones born in space, when you'd usually expect the opposite.


"Ah, so organization is the Federated Alliance (or sometimes just called the Alliance in the comic!), which is basically the collective of powerful Earth nations that combined their resources for space travel and colonization.. when opposition arose, they became a military operation in order to protect their investments in space. This is all stuff that will leak in during the next few pages when Cook explains their situation.. It's my hope to divvy up this info in pieces throughout the story!" ~HamletMachine

The thing I find most curious about this is the 'opposition' and who it was by. I'm eager to know who they're fighting against.


"His name will be revealed soon!" ~HamletMachine when asked about the Navigator in Chapter 1 who told Abel to go fuck himself.

This may be wishful thinking, but I'm hoping it's either Deimos' Navigator (Phobos?*) or Praxis' new Navigator (Corvix?**)

*taken from Greek mythology, Deimos' twin brother
**Taken from Star Trek (HamletMachine is a fan) Qu'noS' other moon, the first being Praxis.

"Don't worry, we will meet some more navigators that are a little bit nicer! Abel is a bit of an over-achiever (which we will find out about) so he tends to rub his peers the wrong way!" ~HamletMachine on why Abel has no Navigator friends.

As expressed above, I can't wait for new Navigators. Way too many Fighters in the plot right now.


"There are female navigators and fighters, but I think they would have their own lovely lady ship! Unfortunately, they are not as many in number and we're not going to come across any in the story! There will be some ladies.. of another kind showing up in mention!" ~HamletMachine

everyone is gay. :K


Remember how Cain told Commander Cook that 'it was done'? I've been itching to know why exactly Cain needed to own Abel, and Hamlet opened up a little when asked if Cain cared about if Abel was gay/bi when he made him his bitch when they first met.

"Haha, hmm, that is a little bit of a spoiler, perhaps! But Cain did go into their meeting with the intention of making Abel his if he let him, that is for sure!" ~HamletMachine

As best as I can gather, I have a feeling that this is all tied somehow to Abel being a politician's son. I think Abel (or at least his father) may know things about the enemy that's opposing the colonies in space (perhaps that's why Abel's father was so against Abel becoming a Navigator?).


It's been confirmed that Cain was /not/ born on Earth, and he is Russian! If you recall, he called Deimos his 'rat' in Russian after Deimos told him of Praxis talking to Abel. I hadn't thought that much of it, but now that I know that he is Russian, my inner Cain voice now makes me 7X hornier. *Q*

Cain has not always been Cain. He gets a new codename with every new Navigator. Keep your eyes peeled for those snarky elevator Navigators gossiping about him under his other names in the future.

Later in the series, we will see more of how Cain and Abel joined the Alliance. Apparently we will see "All of Cain's buisness".

Cain's real name will be revealed (in her wording, "Abel will learn later on". I find this much more revealing on how this will happen since technically no one knows that Abel is Ethan since that was revealed in a flashback/dream later on, but for now the only hint given is that he will have a Russian name (all of my orgasams).

Cain is 22 years old

Cain may in fact be bisexual, but I don't see this coming into the story since we won't be seeing any female Alliance members. Here's what Hamlet said when asked about Cain's sexuality: "Ah, the question of Cain's sexuality.. haha, that is a bit of a secret! My apologies, sweetie! Ah, I like to play on their genders in the comic.. as Cain refers to Abel with feminine terms of endearment.. and the Fighter guards call them 'ladies'"

Cain's favorite desserts are a bottle of whiskey and a pack of smokes. :|


Hamlet doesn't seem to have any plans in the near future to reveal Deimos' name, unlike how specific she was about how Cain's will be revealed ("I will have to see, it would be a bit later on if it can happen!" ~HamletMachine)

Here's an unreleased sketch of Deimos and Cain!…

Deimos is in his 20's.

Hamlet refused to answer a question about if Deimos had ever slept with Cain, so there's likely going to be some story about their past in the comic (as promised, I suppose since Hamlet stated that we'd learn 'all of Cain's buisness').


Abel is 24 (he's older than Cain, help me I'm crying).

There was some talk of seeing more of Abel's past, but it doesn't seem like that much in comparison to what we're going to see from Cain.

Abel's iguana's name is Newton.

Abel is very interested in engine powered things (this will be brought up in the comic later on).

He also owns the motorcycle on the poster in his room in Chapter 2.

Abel's Navigator training took about 1 year.

There's a good chance Abel is from Earth.

Abel's uniform from here:… was inspired by a movie called Solaris, seen here: cinematheque.leithermagazine.c…

His favorite desserts are bakery sweets.


Prazis is between 23-24 years old.

Thanks for reading my little essay on these newly revealed Starfighter facts and I hope you come back to read my posts on more of them as soon as I get them!

Starfighter and its artwork is © HamletMachine
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omg! Why am I just finding this now???? thank you so much!! 
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Whoa Abel's older than Cain?! Never saw that one coming x3
SpargusCityAngel Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Pardon me, I came across this on a Google Search (This was a lucky finding ouo) and I think, Abel's name is Ethan but I don't know Cain's
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What makes people think that Cain could be a bisexual? It's not like he ever made a reference or anything...
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Wow ! Very interesting! Thank you for sharing (I don't have LJ account). ^^
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